One of the most important considerations in building your web presence is knowing what sort of search engine ranking you need and how much energy you are willing to put into acheiving that. A number of factors go into calculating a page's "rank" and Zandergraphics can help you define which strategy would best fit your goals.

We have spent years researching, experimenting, and brainstorming ideas on how to build beneficial online connections and make your site and brand more appealing to search engines. Based on your current strategies and goals, we can help you identify the best combination of search engine optimization tactics to generate the best results.

SEO Plans

Search Engine Optimization services are available as part of our Maintenance and Promotion Plans.

Maintenance Rates

1 hour per month $50.00 /mo.**
2 hours per month $100.00 /mo.**
3 hours per month $150.00 /mo.**
4 hours per month $160.00 /wk.**
2 hours per week $320.00 /wk.**
Additional hours Same as contract rate**

**Prices are for websites hosted by Zandergraphics only. Sites with any other host are subject to 20% off-site hosting fee.