The National Nursing Practice Network was a project that originated in the University of Iowa College of Nursing and that transferred to the University of Michigan College of Nursing in 2010. Zandergraphics Studio performed the original design in the spring of 2007 using the Joomla CMS. The template was redesigned in mid-2010 at which time the site was transitioned to a newer version of Joomla and the focus was placed more directly on online networking opportunites offered through the University of Iowa IT Department including teleconferencing and recorded video training sessions.

Zandergraphics was hired as local webmaster and tech support from our Iowa City location and remained with the project through the transition to the University of Michigan, at which point a local Micvhigan firm began to take over that role.

Site features:

  • Joomla CMS base with custom template.
  • Informational sections for presentations and training materials related to nursing professionals.
  • 1000+ member networking website including discussion boards and custom access based on location and rank.
  • Integrated online teleconferencing and video presentations.
  • Archived media including PowerPoint & Java (converted to Flash), Word/PDF, and past teleconferences as video.
  • SEO & social media integration (Facebook, Twitter)

Services provided:

  • Site content maintenance including reviewing and formatting submissions from members.
  • Coordination with University IT Department related to server and teleconferencing features.
  • Interaction with NNPN staff to coordinate publishing of time-sensitive news articles and announcements.
  • Conference and group presentations explaining site features and usage.
  • In-depth search engine optimization. and performance analytics.
  • File conversion foroptimal  online performance (PowerPoint to video.
  • NNPN staff email and tech support.


This project is still live at: as of February 2014 however he template has been changed since we last worked on it.

Project screenshots: