• Joomla & Wordpress Development Experts.

    Zandergraphics Studio specializes in the customization and implementation of Joomla and Wordpress, the top two most popular and user-friendly website content management systems available. With over ten years of experience, we are ready to help you get the most out of your Joomla or Wordpress site.
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  • Top-Notch Search Engine Optimization.

    Results are important. Having a focused search engine marketing plan will attract an audience of potential customers who will be receptive to your message. The experts at Zandergraphics are ready to help you identify exposure goals that are specific to your business and help you find the best strategies for achieving them.
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  • Powerful Social Media Strategies.

    Maintaining a positive social media presence is one of the most important marketing objectives for any business. Finding the right social media match and developing compelling content can be difficult, but Zandergraphics is prepared to assist you in developing a focused social strategy that is right for your business.
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One of the most critical aspects of any website is keeping the content, style, and source code as clean and up-to-date as possible. Customers, clients, and visitors of every variety look for current content and if there is any indication that that is not exactly what they are getting from your site, they’ll go where they can find it. At Zandergraphics, we’re serious about making sure that you make the best impression possible with all of your promotional materials, especially your website.

By purchasing a Maintenance Package, you not only guarantee that your requests receive top priority, but you also allow our experts to spend time making adjustments and improvements that will help your website climb in search engine ranking and draw more visitors to your website. Maintenance Plans are essentially the equivalent of hiring a part-time webmaster to work on your website and the time purchased can be used for any of the various duties that a full-time webmaster would have: search engine optimization, updating content, managing users and fielding questions from visitors and clients, even redesigns and improvements.

Maintenance Rates

1 hour per month $50.00 /mo.**
2 hours per month $100.00 /mo.**
3 hours per month $150.00 /mo.**
4 hours per month $160.00 /wk.**
2 hours per week $320.00 /wk.**
Additional hours Same as contract rate**

**Prices are for websites hosted by Zandergraphics only. Sites with any other host are subject to 20% off-site hosting fee.